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Intercessory Waiflings

Be strong nonetheless

What did it cost you
to tell her to tell me
that you loved me sometimes
that you knew a thing or two
about all my good bones, and near all my bad ones
about how some spiders did visit me when I was cold
It might have cost you something
for that I tip my hat down
It might have slightly aged out your young soul a bit
But my soul ages also, and so do all the spiders
no thing, not even…



Purveyors of Provocative Prose & Poetry. Serving up sublime mind-elixirs & intoxicating ideas. Imbibe for creative invigoration — weekly prompts, pithy articles & prose poetry alchemy.

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Fox Kerry

If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.