Kiss Me Like

A prose poem

Ann Marie Steele
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1 min readMay 30, 2024


The kiss of love by / The winged victory of venus and the winged victory of venus, paris, france sculpture. Public domain via

Kiss me like it’s our first date, where uncertainty makes lips
sticky with sweet and sour, where temptation trumps reticence
where shyness huddles beneath the cloak of need

Let lips nibble, gazes pierce, desire press, and words woo
let eyes explore like fingers — penetrating doubt, kindling passion
before kisses become perfunctory, langid and aloof

Kiss me like I’m that little China girl from the David Bowie song —
hear my heart beat like thunder — and oh, baby, just you shut your mouth*

Kiss me like there is no other — let butterflies spill from your malbec lips
allow me to search your breath for sustenance— hum lyrics to my soul
making me sway as I swallow your essence whole

Kiss me like when you whispered I was the second-sweetest thing you’ve tasted that night — don’t let that caramel turtle whiskey linger in the bottle — no, not one more minute

Kiss me, touch me, hold me like it’s our first date, but never our last.

  • When I was writing this piece, “China Girl,” and 80’s song by David Bowie, popped into my head (so, of course, I had to work it in).



Ann Marie Steele

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