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Lamp of Spirit

A Poem

Image and photo by the writer

Darkness crushed, stomped for
extracting spirit from the liquor
the ritual went on whole night,
nothingness hanging lonely
upside down, atop the hill
concealed in ghostly pines,
wafting scent of indolent time
engulfed pale splatter of sheen
from etiolated plume of clouds
about to pour down the sky
drenching hope curled beneath
gloomy; wild; hollow solitude
so every drop might saturate
the crust of earthen emptiness,
dawn glimpsed rubbing the eyes
two sublime hands scaling up
the slippery; deceptive hillside
sheltering from elements
an undaunted lamp of spirit
burgeoning photons of energy
bathing nooks, cracks still dry
distilling dormant lying awry.

Thanks to J.D. Harms for highly imaginative Saturday 2 January Prompt: “Feeling the blank”

Era Garg January 2021

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