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Lost in Translation


Photo by Trần Toàn on Unsplash

You need to be fierce in your living — in your chasing of dreams,
because the humdrum is calling and its easier to succumb to it
then it is to work hard, and you were not put on this earth to live life
the way we do.

The sands of time are not ours to waste but here we are just the same.
Change is hard, but the best…



Purveyors of Provocative Prose & Poetry. Serving up sublime mind-elixirs & intoxicating ideas. Imbibe for creative invigoration — weekly prompts, pithy articles & prose poetry alchemy.

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Niki Madore

Niki Madore


An avid reader, poet, deep thinker, skier, and occasional skydiver. Always encouraging others to begin their journey to live authentically.