Plane Poem

Darryl Willis
Published in
Jul 23, 2023
Photo by Evan Fitzer on Unsplash

Thirty-thousand feet: enough
to clear the jagged Sierra Nevada —
but not enough to rise above
this ringing in my ears. I’ve learned
some things are inescapable.

Turbulence: another troublesome
thing that keeps reminding me
there are complications in these clouds —
too many revelations. Now,
I can’t breathe and it’s cold.

Obstacles in between.
And gravity’s that fearful, familiar
force that pulls you down to land
upon some hot tarmac somewhere
deep in the heart of Texas.

© Darryl Willis, 2023



Darryl Willis

Has worked in non-profits for 40 years and is currently a Regional Director for an international non-profit. He holds an MA in Biblical text.