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August Prompt Poetry Challenge


Into the image

Photo by Kazimir Bielecki, 2022, original painting by Lennie Varvarides. This mixed media painting was made in 2001. It does not have a title. I just call it the “Big One”. The painting is an outline of a corkscrew personifying the female form.

Indulgence wears a metallic frame
outlined in bold,
leaning against an unmade wall
— a wakeup call
alluring words slur,
with a sip of mixed messages
clippings of someone else's skin
found in large form
— breasts neatly peeking,
a body felt not loved
learning to become less girl
more surface
— each touch less prominent,
less exciting with each…



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Lennie Varvarides

Lennie Varvarides


London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA, founding editor @ The Museum of the Neurodivergent-Aesthetic.