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Promises made and kept

To Love You

Wednesday Prose Poem: what’s in a promise?

Image from Pixabay — Film42

I made it when I first saw you. Not in words, you were too young to understand. In my heart. Close up to several others that I still keep.

Nestled there, unflinching. Remaining unaware of all the
gymnastics necessary to keep one of those damn things alive.




Purveyors of Provocative Prose & Poetry. Serving up sublime mind-elixirs & intoxicating ideas. Imbibe for creative invigoration — weekly prompts, pithy articles & prose poetry alchemy.

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Joe Luca

Joe Luca

Top Writer in Humor and Satire. I love words. Those written, and those received. I’m here to communicate & comment. To be a part of a greater whole.

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