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Unsaid Talks

When silence finds its meaning.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Words are that expression
To which are knotted life’s reflection
They are like the life’s ladder
Climbing on which the narrative erupts out
There is a sky of success much closer.

Words are like butterflies that flutter
Like a kite soaring high in lively spring
Far and wide — beyond and above — the clouds
Words of expression melodies a song
Where the hearty sentiments triggered out
Every species enthralls with joy to live long.

Words are like life’s mirror
One who understands even the unsaid
Are the ones who win the world ahead.

Words flow like a perennial stream
Defining life as a pedestal of dreams
Some of which are expressed by self
Whereas others are left — Unsaid.

To life’s every mark of footsteps
Some talks are left unsaid
To the one’s unheard that fleets ahead
The caravan of life marched about
What fell less was words around.

Thoughts circumvent with words shadow
Often feels like an arrow shot from a bow
An ensemble with a taste of sweet and sour
A row of questions zoomed out
No talks are left unsaid;
None are left unheard;
If the words abode falls in the righteous place
To those understanding its deep meaning; and
Connect with its reflections beyond and above.

Some talks however are left said, unsaid…

Swati Suman



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Swati Suman

In the rhythm of words, I try to unfold life. Thoughtful expressions in Philosophy, Science, Humanities. Compassion above All. Email: