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Winning The Race

A Poem

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

The race is not just to the swift

Neither is it won resting on grace

The race is not a claim for the skilled;

Not until I reach the end of the trail

A call to train

Labour in pain

A choice to make

Am I ready for this game

To yearn, to strife

That dream give chase

And when I’m fizzling or have a slip

I hit the uphill rail again

I’ll need the skill

And luck of grace

What I’ll not is end the race

Patience, confidence

and a touch of zest;

I’ll need these too within my nest

A little more time and the win is mine




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Johannes Mudi

Johannes Mudi

BA.Ed (History); LLB (Common Law). I started writing and fell in love and now I can't stop. Writer - Poet

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