When does the advertiser spend most?

What do you think in which case of advertising the advertiser spends most of his expense?

Normally, at the time when a new product get launched, customers are not aware of the brand name, neither have a visual image stamped. In this point of view, the advertiser try to expose his product as much as possible using different channels to get closer to customers.

There are several things the company wants to inform customers about their product. But till now, only one image and ad copy could be exposed with the existing banner advertising. The rest of information could not be conveyed to customers and got lost.

If the company has many things to inform customers about their product, it is Scrollad they can choose for an appropriate advertising channel. Because Scrollad is the only mobile advertising that can expose 10 ad copies, ad images or videos at once.

Scrollad does not deliver an advertisement as advertisement, but as information.

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