#3—How long does it take?

Us with our super fashionable headwear.

How long does it take for one of us to loose our wallet?

4 days.

How long does it take for all of us to throw up?

2 weeks & a half. (Nick first, then me and then Paula in order.)

Guess what’s for lunch again? Soup, bread and potatoes!

To figure out which spot has the best wifi signal?

1 day.

For us to be sick of having soup for every single meal?

2 weeks.

To run out of bug repellent?

10 days.

For us to finally learn how to call a radio taxi?

3 weeks.

For us to accidentally wonder into the bad part of town?

7 days.

The SCU Bolivia Global Fellows take on Umajalanta Caves in Toro Toro.

For someone to get food poisoning?

6 days.

To run out of data?

3 days.

To finally give in to eating American food?

15 days! PIZZA!

Back on the streets picking rocks.

To pet a llama?

Never, they are evil.

For our hosts to finally learn our name?

Just give it time.

For us to finally be brave enough to bargain with taxi drivers?

Still working on that…

How long does it take to fall in love with Bolivia?

Honestly, we did not sign up for a lot of this — to pick up rocks from the street for 4 hours straight under the brutal Bolivian sun, or to be stared at or even laughed at because I was the only Asian woman walking on the streets, or to be charged 30 bolivianos more because we were foreigners, or to maybe just sit around and clean our host’s offices because the constructions workers are on strike and there is nothing we can do.

We did, however, sign up for an adventure — to be the best person we can possibly be and to serve with our hands, mind, and heart. So no, we didn’t sign up to get sick, or to loose our money, or to be in pain, but here we are ready for more adventure to come, and I am grateful.

Us in downtown Cochabamba at the 14 de septiembre plaza.


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