#4 — ¡Buen Día!

This is our last week here at the Biosphere. Although I look the same — maybe slightly fatter and tanner — I know that 6 weeks here definitely has changed me and taught me so many things.

Group picture at Salar de Uyuni

Cochabamba has showed me a different lifestyle. Being here has encouraged me to be more conscious about my personal impact on the environment and on the people around me. Some mornings are harder than others, but we can always count on each other for smiling and pushing each other to get out of bed, or staying positive. It has also taught me that I don’t need to wake up every morning with a crystal clear idea of what the day is going to be like, or abide strictly by my iCal schedule.

We grow up being told that certain things are normal, or the correct way to live and behave, and we rarely question our own actions and worldview which is a huge flaw.

us visiting the Capilla de Urkupiña construction site.

6 weeks, 44 days in Bolivia, 1000+ hours — so much time yet not enough. Every time we take the J-50 bus to downtown I look out the window and I wonder in awe about how everything seems to just have a way of functioning even though it’s dramatically different from the way I am used to.

us in the back of a pickup truck, riding with construction materials.

Taxis don’t run on meters, but it works. Wifi is incredibly unstable, but friends and family stay connected. The air is thin, but we all still breathe (just really loudly and deeply). Sometimes there are no electricity or running water, but people live happily.

❤ my placement buddies.

No it’s not the way I am use do things, but it is a way of being, and on a good day — ¡Buen día! — we let go of what we are used to and just enjoy the good day.

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