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How would you rate the quality of your Open Water Diver course or Discover Scuba Diving adventure?

Survey: Evaluating entry-level scuba diving experiences to help the dive industry improve. Is there consistency in the quality of the experience? Does it matter?

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Seeking Discover Scuba Diving participants and certified Open Water Divers (or equivalent) to participate in a survey on their experience being introduced to scuba diving. Please answer even if you have continued your training afterward.

Recently, on a Dive Locker podcast with Tec Clark, we discussed ways for scuba diving professionals to enrich their life by being… More professional! We debated positive and negative experiences as a diver. A while back, on Scubanomics, I wrote about the need for more consistency in the quality of the experience provided to scuba divers by dive professionals.

But… How is it? How is the quality of the experience we provide to people seeking our services to discover the underwater world?

Let’s find out!

Here’s a survey to answer that question:

SURVEY - Entry-Level Scuba Diving Experience: Quality & Satisfaction

No matter which level of dive training you have achieved afterward, please share with us your experience during your Open Water Diver (or equivalent) certification course.

Scuba tryout (Discover Scuba Diving or equivalent) participants are also invited to answer the survey.

By “entry-level,” we mean a first experience breathing underwater with a dive professional.

Please answer the survey and then, share it with your students and within your social network.

Results will be posted on Scubanomics, and you may subscribe to be notified when they are analyzed and available.

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