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This is an email from Scubanomics: Scuba Diving Industry, a newsletter by Scubanomics.


Scubanomics: The Dive Industry at the End of 2021

Gender pay equality in the dive industry. Instructors remuneration. DEMA Show 2021.

I hope this message finds you well and that you are staying healthy!

I only have a couple of new topics since our last communication.

  1. First, we attended the DEMA Show 2021 in Las Vegas and published a post-mortem. Let’s hope the pandemic will be behind us before it’s time to head to DEMA Show 2022 in Orlando this coming November!
  2. Otherwise, we published the 3rd report out of our 2021 survey on the “economics” of being a dive instructor, which reveals differences in dive instructors’ income based on gender, location, training agency affiliation, experience, age, and more.

But most importantly, in this message, I want to wish you, your family, and your team love & health for this holiday season–and a lot of fun diving during a prosperous 2022!


While we’re here… Would you do me a favor and forward this newsletter to a colleague or dive buddy, please? Let’s work together on developing and improving the dive industry!

Dive safe. Stay healthy! Happy new year!


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Also from Darcy Kieran and The Business of Diving Institute:Reference book: Scuba Diving Industry Market Data & Statistics: 2021 Edition.Guide book: Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor: How to make a good living out of your passion for scuba diving.Tools: Scuba Proud promotional products to help you recruit more student divers, dive buddies, and instructor candidates.

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