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Scubanomics: The Dive Industry in August 2022

New dive industry market data & statistics.

We hope this message finds you well and we thank you for being our dive business buddy!

Over the last few months, we’ve continued to work on producing data & insights for dive industry professionals. At all times, you can find shortcuts to ongoing surveys & results from past surveys, here.

Since our latest newsletter, we’ve produced the following sets of market data & statistics which, we hope, you’ll find valuable:

Some of these surveys are the results of our continued collaboration with InDepth Magazine and we thank DAN Europe, Shearwater, and GUE for supporting our efforts to provide market data to dive industry professionals.

Our next survey will be on the dive computer market. Stay tuned!

Also from Darcy Kieran and The Business of Diving Institute:

Otherwise, you may be interested in the complete Scubanomics Table of Content.

While we’re here… Would you do us a favor and forward this newsletter to a colleague or dive buddy? Let’s work together on developing and improving the dive industry!

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Darcy Kieran (Scuba Diving)

Darcy Kieran (Scuba Diving)


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