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Survey Results: The Future of Rebreathers in Scuba Diving

Understanding the potential and limitations of closed-circuit & open-circuit rebreathers in the future of scuba diving.

Darcy Kieran (Scuba Diving)
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9 min readAug 1, 2022


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Darcy Kieran is the author of the handbook “Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor: How to Make a Good Living Out of Your Passion for Scuba Diving” and a unique advanced logbook & checklists for scuba divers, divemasters & instructors.

InDepth Magazine and the Business of Diving Institute are collaborating on a series of scuba diving industry surveys to better understand where we stand on key dive industry issues, identify workable solutions, increase awareness of opportunities, and fuel discussions among dive professionals.

We thank the following scuba diving industry leaders for supporting this initiative: Shearwater, DAN Europe, and GUE.

In June & July 2022, we conducted a survey on the potential and limitations of closed-circuit & open-circuit rebreathers in the future of scuba diving in preparation for the forthcoming 2023 rebreather forum—stay tuned!

The future of closed-circuit and semi-closed rebreathers in scuba diving

First, we will report on answers by current rebreather divers to determine what drove them to use this type of equipment, what they think is required for more divers to use rebreathers, and what they see as the future of rebreather diving.

Then we will look at scuba divers who are not using rebreathers and try to determine how likely they are to dive with a rebreather one day, what has stopped them from doing it already, and what would help them make the plunge.

1. Rebreather Diving Seen by Current Rebreather Divers

First, why are divers diving with rebreathers?

Reasons Current Rebreather Divers Use Rebreathers



Darcy Kieran (Scuba Diving)

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