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The Dive Industry in a Difficult Year

I hope this message finds you well and, especially, healthy!

It’s been a crazy year and unfortunately, it’s not over. The dive industry has been hit hard. Dive training agencies, scuba gear manufacturers, local dive shops, dive resorts, instructors… We all suffered in one way or another. Professionally and personally.

Here are a few topics we’ve discussed in the Scubanomics publication on Medium in case you’ve missed them.

First, we looked at how badly hurt the dive industry has been and what comes next?

If there is a silver lining to all of this turmoil, it’s ‘local diving’ including dive training and local dive outings. Often the poor parent of the dive industry, ‘local diving’ and ‘inland diving’ have seen a resurgence. How can we benefit from this ‘local diving’ trend?

It brought us to discuss a new business model for a redefined local dive center based on a new paradigm for the dive industry and a new diver with different habits and preferences.

Finally, we are wondering about the DEMA organization’s survival while the 2020 DEMA Show has been converted to an online event.

Please share with me your feedback and how it is going in your neck of the woods (or the water)! Please use the comments at the bottom of each article or contact me in private, if you prefer.

Although we have to deal with difficult business conditions, crises create unique conditions to incite innovation. We hope to contribute to a renewal of a dive industry that could come out of this COVID-19 pandemic stronger than before.

Dive safe. Be safe!

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