Dive Industry & Watersports Market Research

Understanding the Scuba Diving & Watersports Industry Markets

Your help is requested to assemble a comprehensive compilation of available watersports market research and scuba diving industry statistics

Over the last few years, Scubanomics produced numerous scuba diving industry analyses available to all dive professionals on Medium.com. In doing so, we reviewed a considerable amount of dive industry market data from a wide variety of sources.

We have listed market data sources we consider the most reliable and highlighted risks related to numerous fake dive industry market studies sold on the internet.

We also produced our own Scubanomics studies, including:

We have been asked a few times for a more systematic summary of reliable dive industry market data, and we are now tackling this project.

In doing so, Google is our friend, right? Sure. But it’s only partially true. Through the years, we found gems of information in not-widely-known reports, including university thesis — many of which were not appearing in Google results.

Therefore, we are inviting you to share with us any and all sources of market data you know of, related to the underwater world. 

We are interested in all of the following activities since we believed scuba diving should be de-siloed and repositioned in a broader underwater world/outdoor industry:

  • scuba diving
  • freediving
  • tech diving
  • rebreather diving
  • snorkeling
  • mermaiding
  • surface-supplied air diving
  • tourism linked to the underwater world

We are interested in all aspects of these activities, including:

  • Market size & dynamics: training, travel, gear sales, gear rental, gear servicing, fill stations
  • The economic impact of these activities on local economies, especially (but not limited to) island nations
  • Participation & dropout rates by participants and industry professionals
  • Socio-demographic profiles of participants and industry professionals
  • Number of certifications for entry-level and advanced courses
  • The economics of operating a dive business
  • The economics of a career as a dive professional

Finally, we are particularly interested in a better understanding of geographical markets for which we have limited data at the moment, notably (but not limited to):

  • Europe
  • Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific
  • Middle-East
  • China
  • Island Countries

You may point us in the right direction by either contacting Scubanomics on Medium, filling up this form or contacting Darcy Kieran on LinkedIn.

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