Valuable Selling Skills for Dive Professionals To Learn During the Lockdown — and After!

Increasing sales and customer satisfaction can be down jointly.

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Part of your post-coronavirus success in the scuba diving industry depends on what you do now, while on lockdown. And if you didn’t do anything yet, we’re suggesting a quick sales training program to increase your sales right now and once businesses are starting to re-open.

Your financial situation is most likely difficult, and you are worried about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the dive industry.

It’s tough! But you have solutions available to you. I suggest we cut a few hours of Netflix and work on developing skills that will help us once countries start to lift stay-at-home orders and tourism gradually restarts. Let’s talk about customer service and selling skills.

Knowledge & Skills for Scuba Diving Professionals

There are many skills you can work on, from home, with online support. Among the top of that list, there’s your ability at understanding what customers want and at improving your chances of getting them to purchase it from you. It’s called “selling.”

This word, “selling,” is not the most popular one in the dive industry! Many scuba diving professionals believe that selling is beneath them. The “capitalist dive shop owner” should take care of selling while the instructor simply teaches scuba diving.

It’s not that simple.

Most dive store owners are also passionate hobbyists. Everybody in the dive industry can benefit from learning how to provide a better quality of customer service.

Furthermore, as I wrote recently in a Medium article, everything you do in life has a selling component.

Customer Service & Selling Skills for Dive Professionals

In our case, in the dive industry, selling is part of a dive instructor job.

Teaching and selling are very similar activities. In both cases, you are trying to convince the other party either at doing something that will save their life while scuba diving or at coming with you on a dive trip to Bonaire.

It’s been demonstrated that your student divers count on you, the instructor, to explain what they need in dive gear and continuing education courses. Answering these questions follows the rules of selling: First, you need to ask enough questions to figure out what this person is looking for, then you want to match these findings to what you know is available to them.

Whether you are a divemaster, instructor, dive shop owner, captain of a live-aboard, manager of a dive resort, or working in any other capacity that puts you in direct contact with scuba divers, you can benefit from mastering customer service and improving your selling skills.

Let’s work on that, while we have time!

An Online Sales Course for Scuba Diving Professionals

To help you improve your understanding of customer service and develop your selling skills, the Business of Diving Institute recommends Harry Friedman’s famous “Gold Star Selling” retail training course.

What will I learn in Gold Star Selling?

Friedman’s Gold Star Selling program is specifically designed for retail sales. You will learn better ways to serve customers walking into a local dive center, your dive class, or your next pool session.

Most of Friedman’s principles and skills can be applied in other life settings. In all cases, it’s about understanding what the other person is looking for and finding ways to satisfy him/her.

You will learn how to:

  • build rapport
  • investigate needs & wants
  • summarize and present solutions and benefits
  • proceed with demonstration
  • answer concerns, and
  • “close” the sale.

Whether you are selling a dive computer or the idea of continuing to the next level of scuba diving training with you, we are convinced you will see an improvement in both your sales and your customer satisfaction.

Plan for about 14 hours to study all the material — the equivalent of binging a Netflix series!

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