5 tips to create custom experiences with Social Media Customer Care

How can your brand build differentiated experiences in a scalable, easy, and fast way?

You know that Bakery in your suburb or near your work that you always go to, and you’re received with kindness by the employees there, they know you by name, they know your order, and offer you the “usual”? You certainly have a special affection for this place. The quality of the work that is delivered is one of the great determinants of this, but there is another factor that differentiates this place from others: Custom service.

This way of treating every customer in a single and personalized way generates a close and true relationship with the customer. As a direct consequence, customers stay loyal, return frequently and still mention it to their friends.

In this scenario, to have a close relationship with your customers doesn’t seem like something so challenging. But if we want to transfer this thinking to customer relationships, the situation changes completely. The high number of messages received, a lack of knowledge and history of all customers and little information integration at times of customer service, marketing and sales are some of the barriers that make it difficult for a personalized service in social media.

The importance of personalization

Even in the face of difficulties, companies are increasingly devoting themselves to offering great experiences to their customers. This is because they know that a personalized relationship brings great results to the business. Research shows that 96% of marketing Professionals believe that personalization helps build relationships with their customers and 88% of them say they have measurable results in their business after a customized campaign.

In addition, a unique and personalized service is also something that customers want and expect from brands. Data from the State of the Connected Customer study, show us that consumers are willing to even share their personal information with companies in exchange for benefits such as personalized offers, discounts, and product leads that work with them.

Source: State of the Connected Customer

How do you offer personalized experiences in social media?

You already know that offering a personalized service to your customers generates positive business results that involve sales, customer loyalty and retention. But how can your brand build differentiated experiences in a scalable, easy, and fast way?

To help you, we’ve put together 5 tips on how to insert personalization into Social Media Customer Care. Check Below:

1. Learn about your customer

The first step in starting to deliver unique experiences is knowing who you’re talking to. Remember the example from the beginning of the text about the Bakery? Note that in this case the customer is treated by name and is offered the “usual”, showing that those who work at this place know him well.

To get this insight into social networks, you can rely on help desk software that shows a history of your conversations whenever a person comes to you. So you’ll know more about the customer’s relationship with your brand. Here, CRM software can also increase your personalization by blending Customer Care and Sales information.

2. Answer messages in a personalized way

Many companies work on their Social Customer Care strategy with pre-defined answers and a list of common questions and answers. This creates quickness in the customer relationship and ensures that they will receive an accurate response from the company, but at the same time, it offers a service that is plastered on its customers like those from 0800.

You can try to unite these two thoughts and work with response directions and brand tone of voice. Thus, each attendant will have the same information to pass on, with the personality of the brand in mind, but will create unique responses, managing to work in a more personalized way for each customer.

3. Consider what happens outside of Social Media Customer Care

When we think about Social Media Customer Care and Personalization, the first things that come to mind are about how to respond to Customers. But, we can’t forget that the relationship with the customer happens in several points of contact like the website, physical stores, e-commerce and adverts, inside and outside of social networks.

Thus, the area responsible for customer service must cross data from other areas to guarantee a unique and coherent experience. Data integration prevents a customer who had trouble with the delivery of their refrigerator, for example, receiving adverts about the same refrigerator, or for someone who just bought one, to be impacted by a 50% discount offer.

4. Humanize the service

In order to bring customers closer, many companies already bet on the humanization of customer service through a persona , an employee to speak on behalf of the brand (such as Lu from Magazine Luiza) or encourage staff to present themselves before attending to a client.

This tactic can be a good way to customize customer service by showing that they are talking directly to a person.

5. Be Proactive

Social Media Customer Care goes beyond solving problems or attending to customers, this area is also responsible for interacting and initiating conversations with customers. So be proactive and try to engage as much as possible with the messages you receive. A good response to a customer can generate even more comments and interactions, creating a spontaneous conversation between your brand and different consumers.

These are some of the tips your brand can use to provide more personalized and unique experiences to your customers. By betting on these tactics you will be out in front of your competition and creating true bonds with your customers.