What top companies are doing on Customer Service?

Learn about the values and practices of established executives in order to improve service even further

Promoting consistent customer service is the great challenge of this generation’s brands. Ultimately, whoever is looked after always comes back — and this is nothing new. Serving with quality and a personal touch makes customers feel unique and truly important. It’s easy to understand. But in practice?

Everyday can be full of dilemmas and challenges that are not explained in practice manuals. Therefore, the voice of experience is very valuable: executives from Amazon, Currency, and Founding Farmers advocate strategies based on experience and success stories. See how these tips can help you.

Focus on customer success

Do more than offer Customer Service, invest in Customer Success. Your own success depends on your customer’s satisfaction. How do you achieve this? Stop shaping the public as a whole, and learn how to take care of each case individually. Get to know your customers and their grievances in order to determine what they are feeling or looking for in market.

Hint: fully introduce your product or service to the customer. Demonstrate every possible outcome, with practice, if necessary. The better prepared you are, the better you will be at using what is available to you, ensuring satisfaction and success.

Be open to what’s new

One of the positive sides of social media is that it allows interaction. Through feedback, inbox messages or even posts on your page, you can create a dialogue with the client. Allow this channel to be open to suggestions, since a product or service user is the one who better understands what needs to be improved.

Tip: Encourage your team to always ask for customer feedback. Implement a rigorous culture in order for people to perceive this interest and acknowledge your company as an open mind.

Provide a fast service

It is essential to be agile, since your customer will not wait two hours for a response, even on social media. It seems simple, but it’s what makes all the difference. The customer should know your company is always ready to listen and resolve their issues. This increases your credibility and attracts more customers.

Tip: Automate the most triggered processes. Chatbots can be turning points. However, make sure service agility will be backed by support sectors.

Get ahead and be surprised

Pay attention to the issues and, where possible, come out in front: the best companies in the world have become accustomed to resolving problems even before the customer has realized there is an error.

Tip: Fulfill your customer’s emotional and intrinsic needs. They can be camouflaged with a look, or even with silence. This is also a way to anticipate difficulties.