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At the center of things at the table
He peeled off all the label and he made a little snowman from it
Explaining how taxes work and why we all get fucked

He passed out in the bathroom
Woke up face down in the toilet with a cut above his eye
Crying that he never got his shot and how he got fucked

On the curb beside the garbage
This bald guys walks his dog, and Frankie starts this thing
Talking schnauzers and he had one as a kid until it got fucked

You and I are strangers and we’ll stay that way
You’re a bomb that’s ticking and the explosion will be a fizzle
But I can’t be there to watch, Frankie
I got my own bombs about to go off



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Luke DeLalio

Luke DeLalio

Artsie and loquacious, Luke hangs out at the intersections of humor and regret, ambition and ambivalence, please more wine and jeez I need to lose weight.