If only

Jennifer Kite-Powell
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2 min readFeb 11, 2024


Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

i’m restless today
it’s unsettling

it feels like a crime scene i created which i am also trying to solve

you’re that dead person by the lake in that elvis costello song

instead of filing your nails while they drag the lake
you’re watching a guy running his hands through his 60-year-old head of hair as he exits the veranda club gym last wednesday

on closer look from my car
he has very lush hair

but he knows it
he knows his hair shouldn’t look this good at 60

which is why he is running his hands through it

he keeps stroking it as he walks from the club to his car
his stride matches his hair-stoking

can I say hair stroking?

i can’t stop watching him
i was about to leave but was mesmerized by his affection for his mane

he clearly doesn’t feel unsettled

he’s settled on the fact that his hair looks amazing

he glances into the side window of a car he’s passing
makes one long stroke
smiles and continues on his way



Jennifer Kite-Powell

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