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On Fairness and Forgiveness

It’s just not fair, and yet it is.

The opening scene from Dekalog V: “Thou shalt not kill” (1989)

The defender of forgiveness enters
With a cause against the absurdity of the law
And with a gloomy face lost in thoughts
Fighting for the innocence of the one charged
Are the Lawmakers innocent, Milord?

He argues for the petty thief
So petty he was, he smelled mischief
What’s eating Mr. Lawyer so much?
What does he care about the useless leaf?

Justice this and justice that
Do you fool Your Honor just like that?
Your Honor just wants to go home
Life can’t be postponed
For a petty thief who smells mischief

How do you justify justice, Milord,
When the guilty made us all bound
By the law that serves not you not me?

Mr. Prosecutor rolls his eyes
Unbothered, ready for a plea

Excuse me, I do exist
I’ve been violated
But you don’t persist?
My Lord, if you will
I beg your pardon
But the defender’s logic is so broken
How dares he, I can’t imagine
Forgiving a crook who brags his burden?

The seaters hoot at this proposition.

Mr. Defender, please
You’re not a philosopher
I just want my court in order
Leave the door or you must settle

But Milord…
Order, order, order!

Author’s Note: Order, order, order, it’s boring but it’s louder.




Dirty realism, grunge lit, creative confessions, spec fic, and assorted literary atrocities.

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