ring of fire

Jennifer Kite-Powell
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2 min readDec 26, 2023


Photo by Kai Rohweder on Unsplash

Stop telling me it will be okay.
Maybe it won’t be okay.
Maybe it is never going to be okay.

What is okay anyway?
You can’t measure okay.
There is no mathematical equation that equals okay.
It isn’t a measurement of time or even distance.
It’s just okay.

And why does everyone keep telling you it will be okay?
Is this easier than saying it is literally a shit show out there, and we are all so lost, angry, and full of fear?

OK has become the placebo word that lets you plug your ears and keep clocking into the Bureau of Complacency.

Okay. OK.

It’s the most sanitized and misunderstood word in our vocabulary.
Where did it come from?
Why do we use it for everything?

Okay. I looked it up (thanks Merriem-Webster).
It’s Greek from Olla Kalla meaning correct.

So Olla Kalla became OK and means correct.

Correct I can work with.

With correct as the control word, does this mean when everyone keeps telling me it will be okay, are they simply telling me what I’m saying is…



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