sleazy fiction / rotten fable

Franco Amati
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2 min readMay 23, 2024


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you’re gonna make me wait that long
when I need a fucking answer now
this escape plan isn’t working…
and this audio brigade is torture
I put a nice shirt on and look my best
I even shaved my disgusting ear hair for you
I need a fucking answer now!
these sinecures shouldn’t be so hard to get
do you see something in my face
that makes you think I won’t play your game
maybe my acting isn’t good enough…
maybe I don’t have the right strengths
or maybe my candor about my weaknesses,
well, that might just put you off…
I am a raw fucking human,
barely hanging on…
I’ve got gold in my past
and I’ve got diamonds in my future
maybe my silver lining’s a little tarnished
but I’m not the one complaining…
I want to spend more time with my cat
on my couch
pretending to be engaged and available
when I’m really not…
I want the key to the promised land
I want my life to take the shape
of sleazy fiction, not a rotten fable

Franco Amati 2024

“They are so deadened by the forces working on them, that paranoia, a signifier of agency, is inaccessible to them.”
— Jennifer Rhee, Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance in Philip K. Dick’s “A Scanner Darkly



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