stolen in the night

Jennifer Kite-Powell
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3 min readMay 17, 2024


Photo by Frank Weichelt on Unsplash

i was taken prisoner last night.
someone cloned my life right down to my loveable beagle and two existential cats.

i was awakened by the sound of my cups and saucers, sheets and glasses clanking in a box made of glass being carried by a shadowy man into another room.

the door slammed shut in front of me
but i could see myself in the other room
in the same same life i had in this room.

i could see myself looking back at me
my face becoming clouded with fear.

but then i changed.

i began to walk more freely with confidence and bravado
i began to take the shape i had been in this room only seconds ago.

was that even me?
i don’t know.

i shook the door knob to the other room.
to the other me.

it was locked.

was i standing in a hallway?
maybe it was my imagination

or my desire to go somewhere.

each time i hatched a plan to leave the room to get my life back
a hooded figure would appear
and disapprovingly shake their head.



Jennifer Kite-Powell

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