Sweet Release

Selina Hajarat
Published in
Mar 20, 2021
Photograph by the Author

Regressing into the depths of what once was
The dreadful illusion of uncertain reality
Imposter in ones own skin, mere brutality
Autopilot mode disregarded as a faux pas

The mask put on receives warm applause
Viciously murdering the significance of sanity
Remaining diligent soon becomes an actuality
Hindering all expectations and passion on pause

Similar to wandering off into space, you cannot breathe
Unfamiliar territory and darkness engulfing you
Overwhelming and disturbing it indeed feels

The energy has poured out, leaving you aggrieved
The truth within is something that has been misconstrued
When all you entreat is that sweet saccharine relief



Selina Hajarat

Physics Undergrad. Fanatic about science, books, sports, and colors. Writing as a stress-reliever. Ready to tackle life! www.linkedin.com/in/selina-hajarat