This is the Line We Draw Between Us

Old Wounds

Heather Martin (@cadenzacreates)


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

This is the line we draw between us —
a reminder of who will win.
A chalk mark on the pavement,
signifying where you begin and I end.

If you cross it, will I forgive you?
Well, that depends upon the day.
Don’t sigh —
that truth extends two ways.

For the rules have become salvation,
and so many rules there are.
Too many to remember,
so mutually, we are —
if we do, if we don’t —

This festering wound is much too old —
the balm of frivolity will not a consolation be.

With no revolution in sight,
we’ll keep dividing “I” from “thee,”
extending amnesty
only when it “feels right.”

Half awake between day and night,
we’ll name this “co-existence,”
ignoring (all the signs)
of a bitter battle, never-ending,
guided by the lines we supply.