what you look like

Franco Amati
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2 min read5 days ago

Photo by Alexey Demidov on Pexels

it’s a sort of culture of inclusion
and safety
to be allowed to be free
without worry of being judged
or scrutinized for what
you look like,
or what you dress like,
for the parts of your body
that might show—
the ones that aren’t usually revealed
no one looking you up and down
no one scoffing at flaws
or getting stuck on some
feature that isn’t the ideal
you’re just yourself
you’re just bare
you’re alive…
and natural
and it’s no big deal…

Franco Amati

Speculative fiction writer from New York. Editor of Scuzzbucket. For published work visit francoamatiwrites.com or buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/francoamati