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A funny abstract illustration of a mosquito hitting a woman over the head with a swatter while she holds a piece of paper with the word loss written in capital letters.
‘Digital Squat’ Illustration by Erin Singh

You buy a do-it-yourself hair colouring kit to lighten your black hair but you end up with a canary yellow hair do instead. Why? Well, you didn’t set the timer and left the hair bleach in too long. You then beg a local hairdresser to repair the damage you’ve done to your hair. They charge double the price to fix your stupid mistake. It takes two years to grow out your canary halo.




Dirty realism, grunge lit, creative confessions, spec fic, and assorted literary atrocities.

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Erin Singh

Erin Singh

Opinion Writer | Digital Creator ©Erin M. Singh 2020–2022.

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