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A different way to interpret blockchain

Using SDChain to build your blockchain business

“An open and neutral platform based on blockchain technology enables information sharing and collaboration within individual industries, increasing efficiency and enabling more business collaboration”. This is where many industries have seen the potential changes that blockchain can bring and have continued to invest in implementation and improvement. Through open standards and common use of platforms, there is now a gradual convergence and significant progress in a number of areas to achieve efficiency and error reduction in a secure digital environment.

Let’s describe a few of these directions in a different way, using the sport of basketball as an analogy.

Standards are set: the size of the court, whether the game is played in periods or halves, the length of each period, and the identification of fouls committed by players during the game are all written into the rules so that everyone has a direction to follow in order for the game to run smoothly. The standards can be continuously revised and improved according to the actual situation. By having a common standard, more interested participants can be involved and the number of participants can be increased.

Defining roles: Players on the court are clear about their roles and work together with their strengths on the court to win the game as a common goal. After understanding their roles, they can continue to develop the skills they need and combine them with their strengths, and then further integrate them into a cooperative model on the court to maximize their overall ability.

Ecosystem: As this sporting event becomes more popular and spreads to more places, it will gradually expand into an entire ecosystem in response to the needs of not only the basic players, such as coaching teams, therapists, stadium planning, event broadcasting, and training organizations, etc. All will become more professional and refined around the growth of the event’s output, gradually forming an industrial ecosystem.

SDChain Alliance has been in contact with different companies in the industry recently and has been thinking about how to explain in a more simple way the various aspects that need to be evaluated. The above metaphor is an attempt to use a new way of describing the blockchain, so that companies can evaluate their collaboration and reach a partnership when they have the right conditions and environment to truly utilize the blockchain. We will continue to make blockchain accessible to industries in a more understandable way, leading to more adoption and more collaboration.



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