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Lami went to the Golden Dragon Awards to present the NFT concept

Using SDChain to build your blockchain business

The 2021 Golden Dragon Awards will be held during the 26th Taipei International Logistics and Internet of Things Exhibition. During the exhibition, we will invite Internet of Things authorities and business leaders together with the Modern Logistics Seminar Series and the Global Internet of Things and Smart Services Conference to explain the development strategy of the Internet of Things metaverse from an international perspective and explore the business opportunities of smart logistics and smart manufacturing ecosystem.

The Lami NFT platform is based on the core concept of metaverse, with creation and art as the platform development foundation, and will introduce the concept and development blueprint to the attendees at the Golden Dragon Awards. We will listen to the participants’ knowledge of NFT and the problems they may encounter when entering NFT, so that Lami’s development team will be able to create suitable tools for users when planning NFT entry and management tools.

According to the commentary, “The metaverse will form a solid economic model on its own in the future, covering work and entertainment, and various industries and markets that have been developed for a long time, such as finance and banking, retail, education, health, etc., will all change. And it will be closely linked to our real world. The fact that more and more people are now familiar with the digital world and are receptive to the concept of digital assets is what makes the development of the metaverse so important.

As a promoter, Lami will lead more people to see, participate, and immerse themselves in the metaverse, and to feel the innovation and charm it can bring.



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