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Making blockchain effective in the supply chain

Using SDChain to build your blockchain business

According to an interview published by Business Review, blockchain technology currently has the greatest potential for its application: supply chain management. Blockchain is essentially a trusted, jointly maintained digital ledger that can be considered a shared digital record in the supply chain. By creating a complete, transparent, and tamper-proof history, especially for product history, shipment flow, and financial services, it helps each participant in the supply chain to solve some of the challenges.


The pharmaceutical industry loses more than $15 billion annually due to poorly controlled temperatures, which can add up to more than $35 billion annually when additional costs are added for various types of damage and labor costs for product replacement. Through the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices (BLE), system platform and blockchain technology, we are able to fully grasp each link of the supply chain and ensure product safety and quality. To improve the efficiency of industry management.

Cargo Logistics

Based on the results of the project, IBM has completed a pilot project using blockchain technology to record the flow of shipments, reduce the labor and paper costs of transnational shipping, and allow suppliers, carriers, and customers to know the current status of their shipments in real time. The project’s results are based on trial calculations, and if fully implemented, the technology is expected to save shipping companies approximately $38 billion annually.

Financial Services

The current state of supply chain finance usually covers only Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers, and suppliers not in this range can only obtain higher financing rates, or may not be able to obtain the funds they need at all. By incorporating blockchain technology, financial institutions can now be informed of the progress of transactions between suppliers and retailers, with real-time access to critical information such as loan history, invoices, payment certificates, movement of goods, and delivery progress. Blockchain can be used to improve and expand financing for the supply chain, helping companies grow, integrate the overall supply chain, and enhance their ecosystem services.



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