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Using Blockchain to Create Impact

Using SDChain to build your blockchain business

A new report released recently by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Social Alpha Foundation (SAF) explores how blockchain technology can accelerate clean energy transformation and help developing countries address climate change. Experts believe that blockchain technology has the potential to help with energy and climate innovation, particularly in areas such as data verification and real-time pollution monitoring, where information can be stored and shared in its entirety.

Let’s extend the use of NFT to include an example of an environmentally sustainable project on water use, in which a group of creators and artists are given the opportunity to use their creative expertise, perhaps in the form of music, sound, paintings, video, digital tools, etc., and sell them as NFT, with the proceeds being used to fund the water project. Blockchain is also used to store and share information on the subsequent use of funds and progress of the project.

The same environmental sustainability project for water use has changed a bit. The project’s goals were first called for, and experts in water fields such as agricultural irrigation, wastewater recycling, flood control, urban planning, etc. were listed, and after a period of negotiation and evaluation, NFTs were issued as proof of interest to the experts who joined the project and joined the project community. This is like creating a think tank to stimulate more creative and forward-thinking water sustainability strategies to meet the goal of sustainable development.

The SDChain Alliance continues to explore the use of blockchain technology as a tool in various forms such as information preservation and sharing, NFT as a creative vehicle, and proof of ownership. SDChain technology can be used as a driving force in new forms of business applications and social progress.



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