Data Disaggregation: Updates from the 47th Statistical Commission

Disaggregation continues to grow as a focus of the IAEG-SDGs and the indicator framework for the Sustainable Development Goals.

During the 47th Session of the UN Statistical Commission March 8–11, disaggregation of data for the Sustainable Development Goals was a central part of the conversation surrounding the proposed indicator framework.

The final verdict:

  • The proposed indicator framework has been adopted as a “starting point.”
  • Disaggregation of data will be further discussed at future meetings of the IAEG-SDGs.
  • The Statistics Commission will establish a working group of the IAEG specifically on data disaggregation.

The IAEG-SDGs is convened in Mexico City on March 30 — April 1, 2016. Data Disaggregation is currently 9th on the meeting agenda. We will continue to monitor future disaggregation conversations now that the proposed indicator framework has been adopted.

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