Global Goals Week- hashtags to follow

There are multiple ways to keep up with the #UNGA71 on Twitter. Here’s your guide.

#UNGA and #UNGA71

The 71st United Nations General Assembly kicked off last week with over two full weeks of events, coverage, and a Global Goals week highlighted by a day dedicated to Refugees and Migrants. The hashtag captures all events, UN and non UN affiliated that are related to the UNGA.

Different UN events, discussions, and topics throughout the #UNGA have their own hashtag: #SafeBirth, #ZeroHunger, #UN4RefugeesMigrants, #EATx and more.


A civil society panel happening on September 20th, 2016. Focused on Civil Society and it’s place in achieving the Global Goals, partnership, and education for women and girls.

#2030NOW and #2030now

The hashtag for the Social Good Summit that concluded yesterday. Other events will continue throughout the week, and the hashtag is still used for mentioning technology and media that impacts the SDGs.


The tag that follows the UN Global Compact’s Private Sector Forum. Discusses aspects of business, non-governmental agencies, and individuals in achieving the SDGs. Business, commerce, and industry, both commercial and philanthropic, are involved in the #UNPSF.


Another #UNGA side event tag that captures conversation on inclusion, data disaggregation, equality, and participation.

#SDGs, #GlobalGoals, #2030Agenda

These tags capture almost the entirety of conversations connected to the Sustainable Development portion of the #UNGA.

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