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Private Sector Innovation for the SDGs: Integrating Non-Commercial Data Resources to Support Pandemic Response and Sustainable Development

SDGCounting UN World Data Forum Session Notes

This post is part of a series highlighting sessions from the 2020 UN Data Forum. Watch every session or read our summary.

Summary: In this session, leaders from some of the most influential global tech brands (Facebook, Google, Amazon) discuss how they are contributing to global development through partnerships with NGOs and internal initiatives. Panelists address challenges around privacy, scalability and diverse objectives.


Key Takeaways


Facebook is contributing to the SDGs and global development data through interconnected initiatives:

  • Data For Good: Information hub designed to offer timely information for development purposes.
  • Project 17: SDG specific internal program focusing on strategic partnerships to achieve the SDGs with an emphasis in addressing gender data gaps.



Achieving the Global Goals and unlocking their commercial potential will only be possible through extensive collaboration across the private sector, governments and civil society, significant investment and innovation, as well as fresh thinking about economic paradigms and business models. 2030Vision is a partnership that connects cross-sector organizations and the technology solutions needed to support the delivery of the Global Goals. To this end, the World Economic Forum hosts 2030Vision to provide a foundation for new partnerships and innovation to unlock the opportunities and enable all of us to create a better future.

What about Privacy?


One way we encourage responsible use of data and privacy protection is by supporting programs that improve user experience around personal data like the Trust, Transparency, and Control Labs. We also provide a tool for users to download much of their own data.




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Keeping track of progress on trying to count and measure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.