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Safe and Trustworthy AI-Based Data Algorithms — Emerging Best Practices in the Global South and the Global North

SDGCounting UN World Data Forum Session Notes

This post is part of a series highlighting sessions from the 2020 UN Data Forum. Watch every session or read our summary.

Summary: In this session, panelists discuss some of the breakthroughs that artificial intelligence and machine learning have brought to data analytics for global development. However, many challenges still exist, especially around privacy and people’s understanding of the process, aims and implications of the technology.


Key Takeaways

Craig Jones, Statistics New Zealand

New Zealand has a “Chief Data Steward” that oversees the NZ data system.

New Zealand also has a very intentional data charter and partnership with indigenous communities that includes an assessment of AI and how it may impact these persons.

Patricia Adusei-Poku, Ghana Data Protection Commission

Ghana has focused on cultural differences related to AI, including the education needed for citizens to understand the goals and processes being used. There is still a need to address privacy and trust issues in unique cultural contexts.

Asaph Young Chun, Statistics Research Institute

Chun focuses on how South Korea is maintaining privacy while also using AI and other data tools to track the COVID-19 pandemic. They already had policies in place that they could work from their experiences with previous diseases.

Mila Romanoff, UN Global Pulse

Global Pulse is the UN Secretary-General’s initiative on big data and artificial intelligence for development, humanitarian action and peace.





Keeping track of progress on trying to count and measure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals

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Keeping track of progress on trying to count and measure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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