The 5th Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs: Review and Revision continued

The Inter-Agency Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators met last week to continue work on the indicator framework to monitor the Global Goals.

The fifth meeting of the IAEG-SDGs was held last week in Ottawa, Canada, beginning with member sessions held March 28- 29, and opening to countries and stakeholders with plenary sessions on March 30- 31. The meeting kept a low profile, without live streaming or social media hashtagging. However, through the UN’s commitment to written statements and documentation, access has been provided to presentation decks and statements made throughout the plenary sessions. These can be found in the documents tab of the event homepage.

IAEG-SDGs meetings build on work from previous meetings, as well as statements and decisions made at events held throughout the year. This meeting followed the early March session of the UN Statistical Commission, where the global indicator framework was adopted and sent to ECOSOC and the UN General Assembly for its final stamp of formal approval later this year.

The objective of this meeting was in many ways to strengthen the indicators that still lacked a complete agreement (Tier 3 indicators) through discussion of the role of custodian agencies, work plans for revision, and strengthening data disaggregation for all indicators.

Outcome documents include:

Decisions and Work Plan on Data Disaggregation

Preparation of a Proposal for Additional Indicators

A Work Plan with Next Steps including:

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