This Week in #SDGs Counting- 2017 High-level Political Forum Week 1

This Week in monitoring the SDGs is focused on the first week of the 2017 HLPF.

The first week of the 2017 High Level Political Forum, the UN’s platform for follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals, ends this afternoon. The Ministerial Segment of the Forum begins on Monday, July 17th.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development Reporting Services and the SDG Knowledge Hub have both been posting comprehensive summaries of action from each day of the Forum.

Recorded video of each High-Level session is available on Here are links to each day’s morning and afternoon sessions:

There are a handful of take-aways and themes we have gathered from the HLPF so far:

  1. Funding and Financing for the SDGs was a topic many member states and stakeholders wished to comment on yesterday, and produced a lively thematic review, yet there was not enough time for adequate discussion. Forums in the future may need to expand the time for this valuable subject.
  2. Interlinkages and overlap of the Goals is another popular topic, and has been receiving lots of attention over the past few days. The 2017 SDG Index (to be presented next week) and multi-dimensional conversations from earlier this week touch upon how working with interlinkages is necessary for Member states to achieve the SDGs.
  3. Voluntary National Reviews are highly anticipated. Since SDGs monitoring is country-led, we look forward to following along with countries reporting on individual progress and challenges. Here are a handful of documents to help you prepare for and follow along with the 44 presentations taking place next week.

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