This week in #SDGs counting- June 23rd, 2017

Our roundup of what we’ve found and what we’ve been reading this week.

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1.SDGs in Order is the first of its kind: an attempt to sequence the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets into a logical order to strategically achieve all 17 SDGs. Drawing from 85 economists and political and social scientists from various entities around the world, the SDGs in Order team used survey results coded on scales of ‘individual vs. institution’ and ‘process vs. urgency’ to create this order of the SDG Targets. This is the first ever sequencing of the SDGs, and it provides valuable data on how public institutions, foundations, and other stakeholders are approaching the Global Goals. Members of the SDGs in Order team include experts from OECD, Bretton Woods II, and Greenhouse.

2. Partnership in action: this week, AidData and Afrobarometer announced the first product of their teamwork. AidData mapped survey responses from Afriobarometer’s database of 6 rounds of surveys in 37 African countries over the past 16 years, producing geocoded datasets of village- and town-level data on subject ranging from the quality of local public services to access to information via mobile phones. This example of partnerships to create even more value from data, as well as the support that made this project possible, is inspiring.

3. This week in the Huffington Post, Jorge Moreira da Silva, Johannes Jütting and Ida Mc Donnell discuss the role of Big Data in achieving the SDGs. Looking at data on aid for statistics from recent Official Development Assistance (ODA) reports from the OECD, they find that official statistics in developing countries do not get the resources they need, and donors have been slow to step up investments for national statistical systems.

Despite the momentum around the SDGs and the data revolution, donors are failing to invest and co-ordinate — probably because of the high pressure at home to show short-term development results that often leads them to collect their own data.

4. This year’s High Level Political Forum is only 17 days away. The International Institute for Sustainable Development SDG Knowledge Hub dives into a recently released compilation note of observations from HLPF stakeholders on the Forum, the zero draft of the Ministerial Declaration to be presented at the Forum, and the 2030 Agenda in general. The article also summarizes recent blog posts and other drafted documents in advance of the High Level Political Forum. In order to prepare for the Forum, Together 2030 is offering a webinar on Wednesday, June 28th to review the HLPF agenda and discuss the main topics that will be under review.