This week in the #SDGs- December 2, 2016

Our roundup of what we’ve found and what we’ve been reading this week.

1. SDG Funders report- “Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals In Kenya” and “Kenya: Data Strategy and Capacity Building (2nd Report)”. Both of these reports, published in September 2016, are full of practical guidance and reflection on the country of Kenya and it’s journey to begin achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. A clear look at what individual country monitoring and funding can look like.

2. The UN World Data Forum blog continues to post consistent content, as we look forward to the first World Data Forum in January 2017. Partnership is key, and Pre-Registration for the Conference ends today!

3. We continue to be intrigued by the SDG Interface Ontology. Learn more here:

4. The US SIF: Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment released its biennial Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends. The rise of sustainable criteria in stock exchanges is leading to larger needs for sustainability data from companies. All good news for the SDGs- business and the private sector can help meet the data needs of the SDGs at national and global levels.

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