Newsweek: Time to Commit to Justice for All


By the co-chairs of the Task Force on Justice

Photo: Bart Hoogveld

Refugees risk their lives to get to countries where they can be safe, and their children can grow up without fear. #MeToo stories continue to surface as women speak out, in the workplace and beyond. Violence erupts regularly between rebel groups and government forces in different countries around the globe.

What unites these problems? A lack of justice. Whether they are victims of violence, facing harassment at work, seeking a business permit or dealing with debt, people have nowhere to turn in countries across the world as justice systems fail to respond to their needs.

The size of the justice gap is staggering. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide cannot solve their justice problems. Half of women who are sexually assaulted do not report the crime because they believe no action will be taken. A quarter of a billion people live in countries where the justice system has failed entirely or are stateless or living in modern slavery. Another 4.5 billion lack the documents needed to prove who they are or have no contract for the work they do or the place where they live.

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