6 Steps For STO Whitepaper Success

I started my company, Sea Foam Media & Tech, in 2017, writing whitepapers for up-and-coming blockchain startups.

Sea Foam grew quickly, and today spans over twenty team members globally with end-to-end services from editorial to engineering. However, the core of our business is still firmly rooted in providing early-stage companies with the tools they need to successfully raise capital. Chief among them, the whitepaper.

Since 2017, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of the blockchain industry and the exponential changes that have brought us to 2019, the beginning of the STO era.

While there has been some contention within the industry when it comes to leaving the ICO dream behind and moving toward a regulated model of tokenized capital formation, Security Token Offerings are taking off, and unlike ICOs, this new sector seems here to stay.

Unlike the impractical blue sky ideas of 2017, investing and trading shares compliantly and with transparently is a perfect use case for blockchain and something that the technology is mature enough to facilitate today. With NASDAQ itself investing in these new opportunities and other major entities like the Boston Stock Exchange entering the mix, I think digital securities could become the future of our financial markets, and those of us lucky enough to be here now have the chance to be pioneers.

As Robert Greifeld, Former Chairman & CEO of NASDAQ, said two years ago:

“100% of Stocks and Bonds trading on Wall Street today could be tokenized, and in five years, 100% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized.”

If you’re launching an STO, you deserve an agency behind you who understands this new model for fundraising and is serious about crafting a whitepaper and pitch deck that are both compliant and technologically sound. We don’t rely on marketing hype —Sea Foam is here to create serious, impactful strategies and materials for serious players.

STO Whitepaper Process: 6 Steps to Success

The whitepaper process spans four to six weeks and includes in-depth consulting, research, analysis, and a design thinking approach to creating a narrative and foundation for the brand. We also work closely with the client’s legal representation or engage with our US-based legal partners to ensure compliance for any Reg D, S, or CF raise.

Our STO whitepaper offerings include everything from content creation to technology consultation, design, branding, and legal consultation and review.

Sea Foam can also offer a variety of related services, including pitch deck creation, landing pages, product design and engineering packages through DLT.dev, and project management as a service.

If you’re ready to get started with your STO, or need some support on your ongoing efforts, reach out to me at info@seafoam.media to set up an appointment!

Sea Foam Media & Tech is also a proud partner of PrefLogic, a digital securities issuance platform with turnkey solutions to help anyone launch an STO compliantly and at a low cost, truly democratizing the capital formation marketplace.

Our legal partners include Austin, Texas-based Decentra Group, who provide the support needed for a strong STO.