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Writing on the iPad


One of the joys of having an iPad with an Incase origami workstation and an Apple Wireless Keyboard is that I can use my iPad to create. I can write something quite quickly this way. Unfortunately, my output has been a bit lax. I keep coming back to writing on my MacBook Pro in Google Drive[1]. However, writing on the iPad really is a joy.

The most significant difference is that there are merely no distractions when I write on the iPad. I have complete focus. So, I’ve found for me to really accomplish something I need the environment to be as free from potential “other stuff.”

Another thing I like is the small form factor. I can bring the iPad and the origami workstation with me anywhere there’s a table and get started writing. It’s all there — keyboard, screen, and my imagination. It’s actually kind of fun, and I think it reminds me of the fun I used to have all the time when writing.

My next obstacle is getting into the writing habit. I need to start and end my days earlier and try to squeeze in a workout and some writing.

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[1] It’s what I wrote this piece on… and this footer note.