MPC Knight Rider KITT build

This is my second attempt at putting together any model car. My first attempt didn’t go as well as I initially expected. I’m hoping to apply the lesson’s learned for a better end result :)



For the seats, I used Model Master’s Fabric Tan; which gave them a much less plastic-y look.

The rip in the seat furthest to the right is unintentional. I’m not really sure how it happened but, decided to keep it since it gives the seat a more practical look after some Hoff-wear and tear.

I did the same with the back but, taped off everything but the seats (using masking tape). I’ve had bad experience using masking tape but, figured I could be less precise here without too much worry.

Which didn’t come out too bad when the front seats were installed

I installed the windows (before I realized that I wanted to paint the body); so brought out the masking tape again. Since the kit is already black, I figured I wouldn’t need a coat of primer and instead just went with spray lacquer Model Master Spray Lacquer (really need to purchase an air brush).

After spray painting (and applying top windows):

I’m not sure how well it shows up on web but, the spray provided a much richer (more realistic looking) black.


This was pretty straight forward and actually far less complex than my first model. The engine only required assembly of a few parts. The wheels are pretty static but for some reason my front passenger wheel allows for some movement.

Applying stickers:

Delayed Completion

So it’s been awhile since I’ve touched this project (months, hence the dust in the images below) but, I decided to (quickly) throw together the remaining items for completion’s sake.

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