What Does A Writer’s Courage Mean in the Age of the Internet?

I found peace in a surprising place. Photo: Alexey Topolyanskiy

Peace and Direction

There were some things I just had to write.

Writing them has given me peace and direction.

I can’t even remember, this just spilled out one day; I am past caring what people think:

It is painful and somehow horrifying to write:

I do feel ashamed and responsible that my mother never cared about me or respected me as another human being.

Here’s more in the same vein:

This was hard for me to write and even harder to publish:

I felt like I just had to do it. Medium gave me that opportunity and ease of finding an audience.

When I first started writing on Medium in March, I was ecstatic that people read my articles. I had paroxyisms of delight when someone recommended.

I just wanted to be heard. I wanted to convince myself that I wasn’t invisible, that my feelings were significant; writing down how I felt made everything more real.

Thanks for inviting a response.