How to embed a poll with free analytics on your Wordpress website

If you are using Wordpress on your self-hosted website and want to embed a poll to ask for your visitors opinions together with free analytics such as Genders, Ages & Locations… of the votes. This guide was made for you!

Step 1 : Install Seanote’s Wordpress plugin

Login to your Wordpress admin dashboard and then:

Plugin → Add new → Search for “Seanote”
Search for Seanote Wordpress plugin

Press on “Install Now” button and follow the steps necessary. After installation process, you will be able to see your plugin under:

Plugin → Installed Plugins
Activate Seanote Wordpress plugin

Click on “Activate” to activate the plugin. You then finished to setting up your website to readily embed polling questions from Seanote.

Step 2 : Create the poll on Seanote

Notes. You will need to sign up for an account on Seanote to create questions and analyse your users’ voting data. It will take you around a minute.

Create Poll on Seanote

Enter your question & the options, add image & more options if necessary. The description is optional. For example, if you are writing a news article about marijuana, you can put this question at the end of your article.

Seanote Poll Settings

Under the Settings section, enable Restrict Access if you prefer your questions undiscoverable by Seanote community and only people from your website can vote for this poll.

You will be able to see your poll after pressing “Publish”.

Poll on Seanote

Click on “Embed” and copy the short code under Wordpress tab.

Short code for Wordpress Embed

You now can use this short code to embed this poll to your Wordpress website by just pasting them to the place inside your post where you see most suitable.

Below are an example of the poll in your website:

Sample embedded poll on your website

You can see the analytic of the poll anytime through the Statistics button of the poll on Seanote. Below is a section of the statistics that Seanote provides.

Sample Statistics

If you want to embed Seanote polls with free statistics on your website or Medium/Reddit, we will soon release those integrations. Do follow us for more updates!

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