A New Adventure

The week of December 3rd I found myself in Orlando for #Mozlando2018. It’s essentially a week-long event where Mozillians from all across the globe gather to work, celebrate, and build together for the future.

Mozlando was a new adventure for me in more ways than one. For the record…

  • I’m a 4th year Software Development student from a college in Canada 👨🏽‍💻
  • I’ve been fortunate enough to have landed patches for Rust, Crates.io, Activity Stream, and AMO over the past year 🔥🦊
  • This was my first all-hands 🆕 🕺🏽
  • This was my first time ever outside of Canada 🇨🇦
  • This was my first time flying ✈️
  • This was my first trip to Disney 🏰🧚🤴🏽👸🏽

Phew.. that’s a lotta firsts! There was a lot I wanted to write but I felt that it’d be better if I showed photos from my POV:


Monday was primarily travel day!

Cool things:


On Tuesday, everyone got together for lots of great events!

Cool things:

  • Loved the talk given by Mitchell Baker
  • Finally got to meet all of the faces behind the AMO & the Addons team!!


Wednesday was another day where everyone was working and/or had meetings.

Cool things:


Thursday was a very chill day. I think a lot of us were exhausted from the week — I know I was and so I hung out on a beanbag with my headphones!

Cool things:

  • Went for a walk at night along the boardwalk near our hotel
  • Collected a ton of stickers, thanks to Blake and Potch
  • Collected t-shirts for friends back home who’ve also contributed to Mozilla


Friday was the last day of activities. The weather was gorgeous and so we made the most of it!

Cool things:


Our last day in Orlando — it was a short one with everyone heading back home 🛫

Reflecting on the week

Just looking over these photos makes me feel exhausted but grateful that I was part of this adventure. I had the chance to meet all of the faces behind the avatars, learn more about the challenges facing my team and get away from school for a week. Unfortunately I had exams as soon as I returned 😶

A special thank you goes out to Caitlin, Philipp, Rob, and Sylvain for making sure I felt at home. You guys truly made the week one to remember 🙂

Sean 👨🏽‍💻